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2017 Sponsors for Heroes on Ice










Heroes on Ice

Feb. 18, 2017
Georgetown Lake

Our local heros, including military veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and Emergency Medical Responders, put their families on the back burner so your family can be assured of safety and security. They have and continue to place their safety and health on the line every time they respond to the call of duty. To honor our local heros, Just One Day is announcing Heros on Ice to be held on February 4. This is a no cost event, with the goal of getting military veterans and emergency services personnel away from the daily grind while introducing them to a fun, family friendly, outdoor experience that ice fishing can provide. Gear will be provided to anyone who wishes to come out and check out what ice fishing has to offer but all participants 16 years old and older must have a current Colorado fishing license. Anyone who just wants to come out ice fishing with fellow veterans and emergency responders are also welcome.  Many local sponsors will be helping us ensure that we have a fantastic event.  All gear, bait and food will be provided thanks to the commitment of our local sponsors. In addition, experienced ice fishermen, many of whom are military veterans and emergency services personnel, will provide predrilled holes, pointers and comradere to all who attend.